Cesare Lomrbosso, hypothesized that the criminal man is born and commits criminal acts as a result of factors beyond their control such as physical characteristics. The criminal man has distinct physical characteristics that separate him from a noncriminal. This notion is representative of what it is like to be a person of color in the United States. African American's are labeled as being criminal due to the color of their skin. Per Lombrosso's theory and the ideology of racist Amerikkkans people of color are "born criminal." Unfortunately, blacks are deemed to be criminals regardless of whether they actually commit crimes; having a darker shade of skin automatically makes one a criminal despite their age or occupation. Amerikkkans labeling blacks criminals see no difference in age, they see all blacks as one despite the fact that each person of color in Amerikka is a separate individual. Being born black in Amerikkka is not for the weak, as we are constantly subjected to injustices in every aspect of the criminal justice system.The criminal justice system was not built to nurture, protect, treat justly, and rehabilitate people of color.


A blog dedicated to providing information on knowing your rights during encounters with law enforcement, Criminal Justice Reform, Criminology topics, and Injustices endured by blacks in America.

Racial injustice is morally wrong as it hinders the criminal justice system by creating a divide between the majority and the minority as a result of minorities being targeted and not treated fairly which leads to distrust among citizens in regards to law makers/enforcers, and it essentially undermines what the criminal justice system stands for “justice and equality for all.”


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Welcome to my Blog! My name is Raya and I’m a 24 year old from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Virginia Wesleyan University in May of 2018. In November of 2020 I received my Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice  from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. My new academic Journey has begun as I am attending the University of Central Florida beginning in the Fall of 2021 in pursuit of my PhD in Criminal Justice. I am extremely passionate about criminal justice reform and the need to provide American Citizens with justice within the Criminal Justice System.