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All lives matter is the new "all men were created equal"

Too often are the words "Black Lives Matter" met with "All lives matter" which is meant to be an inclusive statement by those who say it. The issue is, those who say all lives matter aren't comprehending the true meaning of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter isn't meant to prioritize one race over the other, however, if it was, how ironic would it be that non black people would be mad over that? How could they be mad at us for giving them the same energy they give us. Every day black people endure being slapped across the face with all of the ways our lives don't matter.

All lives do matter, however, you can't make that statement when black lives continue to be taken, if an individual truly thought all lives matter then they should have no issue saying Black Lives Matter. That is how you show inclusion.

I have come across people who say "All lives matter" and when called out on it they say "when I say all lives matter i'm including African Americans." It doesn't work like that.

All lives matter is synonymous with "All men were created equal." Both are superficial ways to appease African Americans on the surface by creating the illusion that blacks are included and awarded those same rights and benefits. Black people are not included in either statement.

With the recent protest and fight for social justice and racial equality there has been increased media coverage and an abundance of articles written online. With this increase there has also been a surge of hateful and outright ignorant comments made on social media. Ignorant meaning stuck in their shallow mindsets and unwilling to research and practice empathy to understand the struggle African Americans face everyday. People have really began to show their true viewpoints on topics involving race and equality. Every article that allows readers to leave comments underneath is filled with hate and a lack of understanding, these same comments shed light on why America is the way it is-hate is deep rooted, people lack knowledge, are unwilling to do research, and twist words to fit their narratives.

Below are some of the comments I came across. * There are way too many to post here as the harsh and uneducated comments are endless* These comments were left under a news article about a BLM protest being held. Also, keep in mind that these comments aren't nearly as bad as some others that I have either seen myself or have seen due to my family and friend's sharing them to shed light on the negative comments.

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