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Does history repeat itself or always linger? The likelihood of becoming a present day Emmett Till

The increasing prevalence of white americans alleging that they are victims of crimes being committed by African Americans is persistent in the United States and will continue to be as long as their is no punishment for their blatant lies. White americans commit a wide array of crimes both including victims and being victimless and then instead of holding themselves accountable and accepting the possibility of punishment they attempt to deflect the responsibility onto African Americans. This is yet another example of how African Americans are chewed up and spit out with no regard to how their lives are forever changed by these types of actions.There are two things in life that no amount of money can replace; life and time. Both historically and in the present day African Americans are both imprisoned for unheard of amounts of time until they are finally found to be innocent or worse, their lives are taken senselessly. Everyday that white americans are allowed to lie on African Americans to save their own selves we as African Americans are at risk of becoming present day Emmett Tills. A confession decades or even years later doesn't suffice when a life has been lost and no justice was served despite the opportunity for the criminal justice system to serve their purpose and rule on the side of justice for all. The color of the skin of the alleged offender is what carries the weight in these situations-the outcome is heavily influenced by whether the crime is said to be committed by a white american against an African American or committed by an African American against a white american.

When will white americans who lie and blame African Americans for crimes they in fact themselves committed be held accountable and found guilty of a hate crime. These individuals should be found guilty of hate crimes because falsely accusing African American's of crimes serves as an ignition to violence. There is an extreme disregard for Black lives in America that starts with the government and flows down into society. The belief of these individuals who make these false reports is that there is such a disregard for black lives that they can get away with lying to cover up their crimes. The truth is they do get away with these lies and accusations. There are 2 types of lies that white americans tell in regards to African Americans; that they committed a crime to cover for their own acts and that African American citizens acted in a way that justified their actions of taking their life. There is endless cases in the United States where a black life was lost at the hands of a white american who felt justified enough to murder. During the week preceding Memorial Day there were two cases where white americans alleged that they were victims of crimes committed by African Americans. Luckily, there were no lives lost or ruined by these false accusations, however, these two stories still have a detrimental effect on achieving fairness and justice for African Americans.

Pictured above is Christian Keys,56

On May 20,2020 Christian Keys led the police down a dead ended investigation in Bibb County that resulted in his arrest and being charged with solicitation of sodomy. The investigation was sparked by a social media rumor that a white man was kidnapped and carjacked. Keys alleged that he was kidnapped and carjacked at a motel located in Bibb County. During the commission of the "crime" it was alleged that two African American robbers took Key's wallet,phone, and keys. The Bibb County Sheriff's office investigated and found that no crime actually occurred. In addition, there was another report filed by Keys on May 19,2020 of a personal robbery. Keys told the police that he was at a local motel when there was a knock at his door and when he opened the door he was greeted by two African Americans in masks, one of whom was armed. Keys stated that the men went on to steal his wallet, cell phone, and multiple sets of keys. Later Keys' cellphone was found by a citizen in a local Walmart parking lot and returned to him. Again, this is the story that Keys told police occurred, however, it is far from the truth.

Instead Keys arranged to meet with a man he met on craigslist at the said hotel. Police discovered that Keys had been a frequent occupant of the hotel since January. Keys excuse for why he lied was that he didn't want his family to find out or for any of the details of the case to go public. He intended to tell his father that he was kidnapped from another location and brought to the hotel where the "crime" occurred. This lie is like a broken record; a white american lies to save face with their parents. Christian Keys was arrested and charged with solicitation of sodomy. Instead of facing his father and the public, as he was a teacher at an academy in Georgia he decided to lie which could have lead to violence or worse.

Pictured above is Patricia Ripley

Patricia Ripley alleged that her autistic son was abducted by two African American men in order to attempt to escape the truth: that she murdered her 9 year old son. Ripley can be seen on video pushing her son Alejandro Ripley into a canal in an attempt to drown him. Luckily, neighbors heard screams and came to the young boy's rescue. An hour later Alejandro wasn't as lucky as his mother pushed him into yet another canal where he tragically drowned and lost his life. The 9 year old was found dead on a golf course. Patricia Ripley told the police a different story than what actually happened. She told police that she was ambushed by two armed African American men who demanded she give them drugs. She stated that they stole her cell phone and kidnapped her son. Ripley has been charged with attempted first degree murder, first degree premeditated murder, and first degree murder. She is being held in Miami-Dade county jail with no bail, if she is found guilty she faces either the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole.




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