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Let Our Voices Not Be Silenced-Break The Cycle

“Another African American Life lost at the hands of police"...justice denied... protests...riots/looting...silence….

2020 has been plagued with a never ending cycle of the blatant murder of african americans by law enforcement. We witness gruesome videos of blacks being shot, choked, and brutalized, we tweet and post about it, we protest and “call for justice”,we see justice be denied, we riot and loot, then we go silent until the next black life is lost.


The fight for social and racial justice should never end or be silenced. We shouldn’t sit around and wait for the next life to be lost, especially when the next victim could be your mother, brother, sister, cousin, or worse—yourself. Often times people speak about how ‘Black Lives Matter’ isn't a trend, yet we let the fire die down after every murder until the next one occurs and outrage soars through our veins again.

We are making the desperate attempt to get black lives to matter yet we consistently let our feet off of the gas. Where is the consistency in the fight for black people? Where are the leaders who are supposed to be leading the fight? Where are any plans besides defunding the police? What ideas are circulating that are realistic and can be implemented towards our fight?

Black Lives Matter.

From January 2020 to August the police have killed at least one black person every week. None of the actions that we have taken have lead to any change because the killings just keep occurring. The protests aren't working, the rioting/looting isn't working. The silence doesn't help.

Not even the horrific videos of life being stripped from African Americans is enough to spark change. Racist people lack so much empathy that can see videos of lifeless black bodies and still not think anything is wrong in this country. No video of endless bullets riddling black bodies can sway them.

We cannot be silenced not even for a moment because the murder of black people will not stop until we become strategic and realistic in our demands and our actions.

Donald Trump created the Space Force which costs $738 billion dollars claiming that space “is the world’s newest war-fighting domain.” The purpose of it is to “repackage and elevate existing military missions in space from the Air Force, Army, and Navy.”

Think of what that amount of money could help within the black community. The same way that the Space Force was drafted out of thin air, why can’t we create a force/unit to combat the injustices that blacks face in america. The unit would be involved in every institution where racial disparities exist. This would deeply involve building our race up and rebuilding our communities while providing better and equal opportunities.

We need fresh ideas because our actions right now are not working. If you think the one and only solution is to defund or abolish the police then you are wrong. It is deeper than the police. The focus is heavily on the police because they are constantly on the news for killing us, but think about all of the disparities we face as a race.

Think of racial disparities in their entirety the next time you find yourself falling into the cycle of being silent until the next black life is taken.

Black Lives Matter and Always Will.

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