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What to do when you are witnessing police brutality

1. Don't get too close to the scene, stay away but close enough in distance to be able to record what is happening. Officers may tell you to put your device down that you are recording on, BUT you have the right to record as long as you are not impeding. It is important that if you are witnessing this happen you try to record as the video/voice recording can be used later on in court. A majority of us would argue that not even video footage is enough for a conviction, which has been proven to be true, it is important that we continue to record and force the world to see what is happening. This is part of our fight for justice for every black life lost due to police violence.

2. You don't have to hide that you are recording the police as there is no expectation of privacy by police when they are "doing their jobs."

3.POLICE OFFICERS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE YOUR RECORDING DEVICE OR SEE WHAT YOU RECORDED WITHOUT A WARRANT. This means they do not have the right to delete any pictures, voice recordings, or videos taken of them. Be advised that some officers may not want you recording them and they will tell you stop recording, take your device and delete recordings, or even try to or actually arrest you for recording. This is illegal!


4. Write down the details you remember about the incident. Be sure to, if you can remember write the officer's badge number and the number on their car.


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