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Racial Injustice-The Pandemic That Has Been In need Of A Vaccination For 400 Years

In 2020, law enforcement has killed more people in the first half of the year in comparison to the previous 4 years despite people being on lockdown and socially restricted due to Covid-19.

Law enforcement officer involved shootings are dangerous, in fact one might even say they are a pandemic of which the United States has not been able to produce a vaccine for for the last 400 years.

Think of all of the planning and testing that is going into Covid-19 and how quickly scientists jumped on it and began creating and testing vaccines. This is why Black Lives Matter. Black people have been beaten and murdered by police officers for 400 years yet our lives haven’t mattered enough for a “vaccine” to be created to remedy our struggles.

We need a mandatory vaccination for racism. Not one that’s optional and not one that allows some people to slip under the rug and hide. There are many people who have the mindset of “I won’t get the Covid-19 vaccine because enough other people will.” This mindset will not work for vaccinating racism because we cannot have closet racists, fake allies, and people who shy away from the fight against racism. We don’t need people to say “enough people are fighting against racism, so I’ll just sit back and let them fight.”

Racial injustice and Social injustice is still plaguing the United States-it is truly a pandemic. We have been so focused on the election and Covid-19 that we forgot about the black lives still being taken by law enforcement officers.

It hasn’t stopped, not since the murder of George Floyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake. We have to remember just because these instances aren’t floating around mainstream media it doesn’t mean that they aren’t occurring.

According to CBS News police have killed at least 1 Black male or female every week in 2020.

There are ONLY 2 states with no reported killings by police; Rhode Island and Vermont.

In 2020, the police killed 1,016 people per Mapping Police Violence. 28% of those killed by police were Black, although Black people only make up 13% of the total population. This is disproportionate. These are racial disparities.

From 2013 to 2020, 98.3% of killings committed by Law Enforcement Officers did not result in an officer being charged with a crime.

As of November 30th, 2020 864 people have been killed by the police, 192 of which were black.

George Floyd was murdered on May 25,2020.

Jacob Blake was shot on August 23,2020.

Since then…

Dijon Durand Kizzee was shot by the Los Angeles County Police on August 21,2020

Jonathan Dwayne Price was tasered and shot by a Wolf City Police Officer on October 3,2020

Marcellis Stinnette was shot by a Waukegan Police Officer on October 20,2020

Sincere Pierce was shot by Brevard County Sheriff Deputies

Angelo “AJ” Crooms was shot by Brevard County Sheriff Deputies

Prior to 2016, there were no federal databases on the use of force by Law Enforcement Officers…It is still difficult to find accurate lists of black people killed by the police.

My list is not complete as I am sure it does not contain all of the names of black people killed by police, nor does it contain blacks who were severely beaten but not killed, or were killed by a different use of force.

The point is we cannot not forget that Black Lives need to matter enough for racism to be vaccinated.

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