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We can't breath...

Justice for George Floyd and all of the other black lives that have been taken at the hands of police officers and white citizens that have both become hashtags and those who have not!

This is a personal blog post apart from what I usually post on The Born Criminal and I debated about speaking on this issue as it has caused an immense amount of feelings to flow through my body. African Americans are unloved, under appreciated, viewed as less than human, disregarded, treated as though we are nothing in white america, and so many other synonymous words and phrases. I am outraged, I am fed up, and I want change. I am demanding change. How many times will police get away with brutally murdering us? When will real change happen? What must we do as African Americans to see change and justice served? Do we resort to violence ? Do we continue to peacefully protest in hopes that one day justice will be served? Do we sit back and endure the constant oppression? When is enough enough?

Dear white america,

We can't breath. We can't breath when white americans both figuratively and literally have their knees on our necks and their guns aimed at us ready to fire..Time after time we see crippling videos of black americans being beaten and killed and it brings us to our knees as we are overcome with sickness and anger. We become sick to our stomachs and tears fill our eyes. Every time the video of the officer with his knee in George Floyd's neck I am sick to my stomach and filled with immense sadness, anger, and the need to fight for my people.We fear for not only our own lives but for our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and brothers. Racism shows us no mercy. We live in constant fear of becoming a victim of police brutality or worse- losing our lives. No matter how innocent we are or how much we comply we are still in danger. Black culture is loved by everyone and constantly imitated by white americans but when it's time to stand and join in the fight where are you at? You will never understand what it's like to be black in america but the least you can do is stand up for what's right.

Social media has been in a frenzy today with a mix of opinions and proposed solutions to the ongoing issue. Celebrities and social media influencers have shared their input, some of which the public agreed with and some that added to the outrage we are feeling. Everyone is free to share their opinions, however, there is an increasing number of both ignorant statements being made and statements without research to back them up. It is important to take our advocacy behind the screens of computers, tablets, phones, and other electronic devices. We have to let our voices be heard and let white america know that we will not be silenced and we will not stop fighting until justice is served and white americans as well as police officers stop killing black americans and are held accountable for hate crimes they commit. We must speak with knowledge and power and grace. We must not turn to insults or derogatory words to prove our points.

Another hot topic on social media and beyond social media i'm sure is "black on black crime" and how it's related to white americans killing blacks. Allow me to dissect both the issue with the phrase "black on black crime" and why it is not relatable or correlated to whites killing blacks.Black on black crime is a man made term used to oppress the black community more and as a justification as to why it is okay for whites to kill us. Using the phrase "black on black crime" overly emphasizes the notion that blacks commit crimes against other blacks while downplaying the fact that crime occurs across all races. Black on black crime is used as a means for white people to say "yall kill each other and commit crimes against each other" thus making it okay for us to do the same. The same ideology can be seen with the use of the N word, whites always point out "you say it to each other so why can't we say it?" This is a deflection from the real issue at hand that white americans and police officers are brutally murdering innocent blacks for no reason at all except that they know they will get away with it and out of pure hate. Black on black crime is not a term we should accept or use.

When individuals choose to use the phrase black on black crime in correlation as to why whites kills blacks this is invalid and inaccurate. It is not a justification, it is an EXCUSE. We did nothing to deserve losing our lives and being treated as less than human. Innocent lives are being taken no matter what we do: we comply, we die, we walk down a street and "look suspicious", we die, we fit the description of simply being black in a white mans world, we die.

"We comply, we die, we walk down a street and look suspicious, we die, We fit the description of simply being black in a white mans world, we die."

I myself am not sure what the perfect response to us being beaten and killed is, but the one thing I do know is that we have to change our approach as it is not working. We need to fight back, some may believe through violence, I personally don't believe violence is the answer. I do believe that no matter what the solution is that we as African Americans have to stand united in the fight. We have to support one another and fight for one another and not fight against one another. I cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of voting. YOUR VOTE MATTERS! We have to stop fighting against one another and direct that energy towards our oppressors. We have to be just as outraged as we are when a police officer or white person kills us as we are when we harm each other. This is a controversial statement, well so I've been told. So let me clarify what I mean by this so that my statement is not misconstrued to mean that whites killing blacks is the same as blacks killing blacks. THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN, THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN, THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN. What I'm saying is we have to treat each other better and know that murder or other crimes against victims are wrong and we have to also advocate within our communities when these types of crimes are committed in order to help our people and communities progress.Some may try to argue with me and say the reason they commit crimes is because of the white man. I am not going to discredit that opinion. As a criminology student I am well aware of the different factors that influence people to commit crimes. I also believe that African Americans tend to have a lack of resources and opportunities afforded to them in their quest to achieve the "American Dream" of wealth. Success in America is measured by wealth. We aren't responsible for our oppression but we are responsible for our response.

"We aren't responsible for our oppression but we are responsible for our response."


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